Sea Freight for Southern Africa
More freight flexibility abroad, outstanding price and service – transporting goods timely and securely to Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana is at heart.
Sea Freight Services
Item drums & Boxes
Rates includes:

- £250 per item drum (incl. duty) with a minimum £50 collection fee in UK and Scotland
- TVs (70") = Starting from £250 (For larger TV dimensions, enquire for shipping quote)

Delivery fees within Zimbabwe

- £10 delivery within Harare
- £30 delivery outside Harare
- Under 8 weeks transit time from shipping date

Delivery fees within South Africa

- £10 delivery within Cape Town
- £30 delivery outside Cape Town
- Under 8 weeks transit time from shipping date

Delivery fees within Botswana

- £10 delivery within Gaborone
- £30 delivery outside Gaborone
- Under 8 weeks transit time from shipping date

Cargo identification & Security

- Item drums locked and securely taped
- Customer name labelling
- Detailed Cargo packing list for all shipments
    LCL – Part Contained Load
    Rates are per CBM /m3 as follows:
    - £350 minimum: 1m3/CBM
    - £300 (per m3/CBM): 2-3 m3/CBM
    - £250 (per m3/CBM): 3-5 m3/CBM
    - £200 (per m3/CBM): Over 5m3/CBM

    N.B. Rates exclude customs duty and final destination charges as collection fee (£50) also applies

    GSI collects nationwide throughout the UK (dependent on location and area) as further collection rates are provided upon booking.

    - Pallet and Handling charge = £20 (per m3/CBM)
    10% insurance value provided (for new goods shipped with original invoices).
    Please notify us if insurance is needed for your cargo and send us your invoice via email for your shipment.

    N.B. Parcels do not leave the UK till full payment is settled
      FCL – Full Container Load
      Rates are as follows:
      - £5495: 1x 40 FT container
      - £3375: 1x 20 FT container

      N.B. Prices exclusive of customs duty and destination costs and subject to change anytime. All containers are loaded at your selected location.
        Vehicle Shipping
        N.B. Our rates below are exclusive of customs clearance and/or destination quotes for your vehicle shipments.

        All shipments begin land transit from Walvis Bay, Namibia to specified country of destination in Southern Africa.

        A) 1 x Used Saloon Car - £750 per unit (applicable to vehicle height up to 1.60m maximum)
        To Plumtree (Zimbabwe), Cape Town (South Africa) or Gaborone (Botswana)
        = £1650 per unit

        B) 1 x Used 4x4 - £770 per unit (applicable to 4X4s up to 18 CBM max and not exceeding 2.10m for this banding)
        To Plumtree (Zimbabwe), Cape Town (South Africa) or Gaborone (Botswana) = £1750 per unit

        C) Rigid Truck/Van under 8 metres long (unladen) = £2265

        D) Rigid Truck 8-10 metres long (unladen) = £2715

        E) Rigid Truck 10-12 metres long (unladen) = £3260

        F) Rigid Truck 12-14 metres long (unladen) = £3730

        G) Rigid Vehicle 14-16 metres long (unladen) = £4180

        H) Loaded surcharge = £350 for 1st loaded empty vehicle

        £200 per vehicle for each additional loaded empty vehicle

        N.B. Prices subject to change anytime without notice – GSI will confirm with you before booking

        ONLY empty vehicles to be loaded on top of base vehicle

        ALL vehicles are placed on carriers from Walvis Bay, Namibia to final destination.

        For Customer's information – PLEASE READ FOR SHIPMENT CONVENIENCE
        - Vehicles and Cargo must be driveable with fully operative brakes and steering system and sufficient fuel levels to enable driveability on/off vessels at both port of load and port of discharge upon shipment arrival in Southern Africa

        - For Harare, Cape Town, Gaborone or other surrounding areas, sufficient fuel is required for destination arrival.

        - For towing on board, cargo vehicle must have suitable tow-bar/hitch.

        - Cargo must be identified with consignee's name, vehicle description, ID and final destination

        - Subject vessel, sailing schedule, space and equipment availability except by prior arrangement; documents will only be released against cleared funds.

        - Marine insurance, export customs and destination charges are excluded from regular shipment rates

        - Prices are determined by weight and dimensions displayed and are subject to amendment if necessary.

        - Cargo will be measured upon receipt at port arrival as this is used for freighting.

        Please contact us if you need any further requirements to suit your shipping needs with us at GSI – we're happy to help!
          Rates include:
          - £4 per kg (incl. duty and delivery fees) with a minimum £20 collection fee (England, Wales and Scotland)

          Cargo identification & Security
          - Labelled boxes with customer name, securely taped and detailed cargo list
          Insurance & Packaging
          GSI offers shipping insurance for new goods (upon request) which have an invoice and providing 10% of the final shipment's value.

          Our freight team takes due diligence in securing your cargo shipment safely to Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana, including 3rd parties within our freight network when handling your items.

          Parcel packaging from different companies, retailers or vendors are consolidated into one, two or three pallets, depending on package quantity.

          We take extra care to ensure packages at GSI are thoroughly secured to handle transportation rigor and adverse weather conditions during transit to Southern Africa.

          Please inform us if you are exporting fragile or high value cargo items
          Why choose us?
          We transport the following cargo at GSI by sea to Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana:
          Item drums and boxes
          (From personal to commercial shipments)
          For shipping and customs duty quotes, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you

          N.B. All cargo are weighed for you before processing shipments abroad - no weight limitations, greater shipping convenience
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